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The Great Moscow Circus Returns

Posted: October 29, 2018 by lambentI2e in Events / Gatherings, performers

The Great Moscow circus is back in town after more than a decade’s absence. And unlike most bigger circus productions, this one wants you to be right up close to see and feel the excitement and dread, and the blood and sweat.

From amazing jugglers, daring acrobats, quick-change magicians and contortionists, to the giant double wheels, and the globe of death, this circus is truly considered the best in the world.

Every circus is unique and comes with its own flavour of excitement and joy, but there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes of the Great Moscow Circus that people may not realise.

The Great Moscow Circus (as the name suggests) originated in Moscow, Russia in 1918. Russia actually nationalised the circus so its importance is ranked right up there with ballet and opera. The Great Moscow  Circus currently has two permanent buildings in Moscow.

The Big Top tent raised just outside Marina Bay Sands was manufactured by the world famous Italian tent makers Anceschi and Canobbio, and this will be the first time its raised. It’s not as large as, say Cirque Du Soleil’s, and when you enter the tent and watch the show, you’ll understand why. The circus performance circle in the centre is just 10 metres in diameter, while the audience seats occupy a 10 metre perimeter area all around. It’s a modest intimate setup, one that also means everyone is able to feel close to the action.

Having a small intimate atmosphere also means the audience sees everything, from a nervous glance back at a colleague, to a relaxed “I am having a ball” honest smile. As you enjoy the humourous antics of the crowd pleasing clowns (who are standard time fillers of any circus) you’ll often catch the crew quickly setting up the rigging and equipment for the next act. Look carefully and you’re bound to notice that many of these crew members are the performers themselves, busily setting up their own equipment and checking safety measures, before returning and re-emerging to perform. As Philippe Petit (the only man to ever walk across the Twin Towers on a tight rope) alleged said “Don’t depend on someone else. Be responsible for your own rigging.”

Yes you certainly CAN watch a circus performance on video. In the comfort of your home. Or on a mobile phone while traveling on a train. But there is nothing that really measures up to the experience of actually being right there inside the fabled tent. It’s an indescribable, almost visceral state, smelling the sweat, seeing the grip chalk floating in the air, catching a mischievous smile from a performer.

The Great Moscow Circus. It’s honestly worth every single cent.


The Great Moscow Circus

Posted: October 16, 2018 by lambentI2e in Events / Gatherings, Information, performers

Date : 25 Oct – 23 Nov 2018
Venue : Mighty Big Top, Bayfront Ave (next to Marina Bay Sands), Singapore
Tickets : Available here
Review : Wick Up

After more than 10 years, the world-famous Great Moscow Circus is back in Singapore with an all-new family spectacular show, featuring over 45 circus superstars. Featuring a galaxy of circus superstars from Russia and the circus capitals of the world, this brand-new show will blend traditional circus acts with the new; mixing clowns and acrobatic artists with daredevil motorcyclists, death-defying aerial stunts and illusion.

With more than 100 tonnes of equipment. it will perform in the Big Top Tent that has been specially commissioned for the Singapore season. The million-dollar Big Top will create a traditional European atmosphere where the audience will experience the thrilling program in an intimate environment. No audience member will ever be more than 11 metres from the action! Every seat in the Big Top will provide a great view of the spectacular show.

The Great Moscow Circus will perform every circus favourite, from the funniest clowns, the most daring acrobats, breathtaking daredevils, to the high flying aerial artists, balancers, and jugglers.

Producer Andrew Guild said, “We are so excited to be bringing the great Russian Circus tradition back to Singapore. Established in 1918, the Great Moscow Circus is recognised around the world as the best of the best. It comes from over 100 years of truly great tradition and I’m certain that Singaporeans will love it. ”

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