Why Wick Up?

Jonathan Goh (Bornfire)

Jonathan Goh (Bornfire)

Wickup (also known as fireweed, or great willow herb) is a perennial wildflower, in the evening primrose family (Onagraceae), abundant on newly clear and burned areas. (as explained by Encyclopedia Britannica) Its spikes of whitish to magenta flowers, which grow up to 1.5 m can be a spectacular sight on prairies of the temperate zone. It is one of the first plants to appear after a forest or brush fire.

We “Wick Up” (action) or light up, we take action. Whether you call it flow, or balance, or finding your centre, this blog is about taking action, raising your skill level, learning a new skill.

Why Wick Up? Because we love fire, light and the circus arts. It’s not just about being adrenalin junkies, but to see the art form in all its unpredictability.

Wick Up is an attempt at consolidating fire and circus events & practices in Singapore, Asia as well as Australasia.

If you have any feedback or if you would like us to feature you or an event you are conducting, please use the contact form below:


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