MCJAF’s Journey to the Golden Chicken Valley

Posted: November 1, 2018 by lambentI2e in Events / Gatherings

Date : 23-25 Nov 2019
Venue : Golden Valleys Lodge, 151 Baldrys Rd, Flinders, VIC 3929, Australia
Tickets : Available here


This time, the mission set is to reach the fabled land of golden chicken valley, and retrieve the holy Golden Chicken from its sacred lands, and bring the spoils back for the whole of MCJAF to enjoy (Or maybe just run away with them if you think that you want all the glory and prize, cause in all honesty who really wants to share?).

In the adventure, which will start from Golden Valley Lodge, you may have to undertake a treacherous expedition to the pool, a painful experience watching kangaroos, and maybe even some circus stuff and workshops. This mission isn’t for the faint-hearted.

$70 if you are already part a member of the group that has started training for this dangerous mission, MCJAF, otherwise
$80 if you arent already one of this expert (or maybe just marginally skilled) group, and have somehow been dragged along by a MCJAF member.

For updates, check the Facebook event page.


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