Beginner Levitational Wand : Basic to intermediate

Posted: May 12, 2018 by lambentI2e in Workshop

Date : 16 May, 20 Jun, 18 Jul, 15 Aug, 19 Sep, 17 Oct, 21 Nov, 19 Dec 2018
Time : 7-8pm
Venue : 71 Sultan Gate, Singapore 198496

Master the modern levitation wand dance! Explore movement, space and rhythm, while improving your grace, coordination and focus.

Featuring the Flow Wand, the Flow Wand is a toy for delightful momentum play based on an old-skool magic trick- the floating cane- and developed for dance and flow by Prisna of Flowtoys. Accessible and fun, the Flow Wand is lovingly referred to by the Flowtoys crew as “the gateway prop”, as it often give those new to spinning their first, delicious taste of Flow. With practice, an illusion is achieved that the wand is ‘floating’ in space, around your body as you dance.

Although it is an easy tool to master, the flow wand requires you to slow down and follow rather than lead. We are dancing with the Universal flow.

We’ll start with the basics of the wand, including gaining proficiency with the balance point, guiding the wand through space, isolations and spirals.

Discover how by playing with the flow wand can help you explore coordination, spartial perception and body alignment. It is also an amazing and fun art form for creative self-expression and finding your own rhythm; and the “Music of Movement.”

Flow wands are available for participants of the workshop. Flow wands are also available for sale, please indicate when registering.
Beginner LeviWand Workshop Fee – S$12

Date: Every 3rd Wednesday of the Month
Time: 7.00 pm – 8.00 pm – Beginner LeviWan Basic
Please arrive 10 minutes before to register.

Venue: Sultan Arts Village
71 Sultan Gate
Singapore 198498
Walking distance from Bugis MRT Station.
Parking available Aliwal street public carpark.

Please register with your full name and contact number with answered options below, to, as materials need to be prepared for you and we appreciate your commitment & attendance. =)
(1) I want to buy Flow wands created by ($35 silver – $45 colours)
(2) Any other questions

The Levitation Wand is a mystifying prop for flow, manipulation, dance, and performance. The leviwand (levitation wand, levitation stick, levistick, flow-wandTM) is inspired from a classic magic trick called the “Dancing Cane”. It is a cleverly balanced stick with a thin, invisible string somewhere in the middle that is also attached to the magician. The magician appears to control the cane with his mind, the cane seemingly floating in mid-air, while making it dance to music.

For updates, check the Facebook event page.


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