Circus Science : Under the Big Top

Posted: November 22, 2017 by lambentI2e in Events / Gatherings

Date : 28 Oct 2017 – 18 Mar 2018
Time : 10am-6pm
Venue : The Annexe, Science Centre, Singapore

The exhibition highlights how science has always had an important role in the circus and how circus relies upon a balance of artistry and science to meet new challenges and fulfil audience expectations. Just as science can satisfy our need to understand, the circus meets our need to be amazed, thrilled and even perplexed.

Visitors will learn the science behind the circus by performing, examining and watching the art. They will also be invited to hold various circus acts up to scrutiny, investigating illusion versus reality, pseudo-science versus science.  Visitors will ”live the science” through the magic of the circus.

The exhibition will showcase a collection of exhibits that visitors can try on. Below are some of them:

  1. Elastic Acrobatics – visitors will gain a better understanding of what it feels like by performing their own tricks while hanging in mid-air with a safety harness strapped around them;
  2. The High Wire – visitors will strap themselves into a harness and see if they can make it across a nine-foot-high cable;
  3. Balance Bar – visitors are challenged to maintain their balance, not allowing their feet to strike the ground;
  4. Contortionist – visitors can explore the art of getting into small spaces;
  5. Clown Alley – visitors will see some tools of the trade and will be able to try them out in the costume and role play area.

For tickets, you can purchase them from any Sistic outlet or at Sistic Online.


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