September Workshops Series – Chris Carlos

Posted: August 10, 2016 by lambentI2e in Workshop

Date : 3 Sep 2016
Venue : Kallang Community Club, 45 Boon Keng Road, Singapore 339771

Min. Participants: 6 | Max. Particiapants 14
Payment to be made at the door.


Mr Carlos himself has offered a package of 3 classes for the price of 2!

1 Workshop: $80.
2 Workshops: $160
3 Workshops: $160 (Don’t say BO JIO! Save the weekend!)
Concession for students: $55/$110

Location: Kallang Community Club


1) Chair Stacking: Like IKEA but better
September 3rd 2016 (Saturday)
2pm to 3.30pm | Playbox (#02-07)
You will learn to:
* Enter a chair handstand in different ways
* Learn principles for stacking chairs technically, creative and safely
* Gain conditioning excersizes to progress learning
**IMPORTANT: Pre-requisite: Basic knowledge of a handstand shape. Holding a handstand is NOT required, but familiarity of being upside down is good**

2) Comedic Acrobatics: A Clown with Skills!
September 3rd 2016 (Saturday)
4.30pm to 6.30pm | HALL
You will learn to:
* Use basic acrobatic skills in a comedic way
* “Punch” your friend safely
* Make a funny scene in a public environment
* Walk into a wall

3) Teeterboard: See Saw for adults!
September 4th 2016 (Sunday)
10am to 11.30pm | HALL
You will learn to:
– Jump safely
– Keep others around you safe
– Dismount
– Single and double push


Please register at


HE IS BACK!! Starting as a fire performer, Chris Carlos’ obsession quickly transformed him into an internationally acclaimed performer and teacher. After many years of performing, his desire to try everything and be the best at it took over and he branched out into other circus disciplines. The creative and highly skilled firespinning acts he devised granted him an acceptance into the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA). Chris went on to create, devise, refine and perform spectacular hits that toured internationally.

In 2013, Chris turned aspirations into reality and started ‘Spin Circus Academy’, a training school for aspiring adult circus performers which specialised in Acrobatics, Adagio, Handstands, Aerials, FlyingTrapeze, Contortion, Act Creation and more.

If you have missed his workshops this Bornfire Festival, don’t miss this opportunity to train with him this September!

For updates, check the Facebook event page.


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