Newtown Fire Jam XXVIII

Posted: February 9, 2016 by lambentI2e in Events / Gatherings

Date : 26 Feb 2016
Time : 3pm
Venue : Camperdown Memorial Rest Park, Cnr Federation Rd & Church St, Newtown, New South Wales 2042, Australia

Newtown Fire Jam!

Bring your circus toys and picnic rugs. All artists and spectators welcome!

Please BYO fuel or bring a safe container to buy fuel on the night.

Please also be respectful of people’s belongings (including fuel). Do not touch other people’s props without permission (also do not use fuel that doesn’t belong to you) and respect their decision if they say no (they do not have to provide you with any reason!)

And most importantly – clean up your rubbish! There are bins located in the park. Use them. Last time I had to clean up after you in the pouring rain (not a fun time for me!) We need to keep the space clean if we want to continue using it and I’m not always around to clean up after you at the end of a jam.

I’m sad that the last jam has prompted such crackdown on behaviour – let’s make this one much nicer for everyone involved.

For updates, check the Facebook event page.


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