Circus Sunday #18

Posted: February 4, 2016 by lambentI2e in Events / Gatherings

Date : 14 Feb 2016
Time : 7-11pm
Venue : Quảng Ba Park, Hanoi, Vietnam

New Year Circus!
Our fire troupe is as tight as it has ever been, and we’re ready to convert more to the ways of the flame! (Of course LED and non-shiny toy use is also highly allowed…)

As always, we’ll have the following toys to share:
– Poi
– Hoops
– Juggling balls
– Palm torches
– Fire fans
– Staves (single, double, contact)
– Dragonstaff
– Rope dart
– Toroflux, buugeng, and other oddities
– Slackline
– Beer, music, stories, and good vibes

We’re meeting in accordance with all major local circus rules and regulations:

1. Radical inclusion: bring your friends! Bring your donkey! Bring your donkey’s friends!
2. Radical expression: Come hang and do whatever you want. This is a free, non-judgmental space.
3. Power by participation! We believe that the circus experience is greater than the sum of it’s parts. Please come with an open heart and something to share, even if it’s just a good story or a dad joke! Especially if it’s a dad joke.

How can you help, you say? What a great question.
We want:
– You!
– Your energy
– Any props, toys, or musical instruments you’d be willing to share
– Cusions, candles, speakers, incense, or anything that could improve our space
– Consumables to share (there’s a delightful Bia Hoi right next to us too)
– Small donation if you plan on using some kerosene! Dầu hỏa doesn’t come cheap! 20-30k per burn depending on the size of your toy is appropriate.

Aside from upholding the community standards, we do ask two things of every member!
1. Please please please dispose of your trash and cigarette butts responsibly! Let’s respect our park!
2. PLEASE return all toys to where you found them once you are done using them. Some of them are very difficult to find in the dark and many have gone missing in the past.

Circus toys are very rare in Vietnam and the majority of our gear is hand made and full of love.

For updates, check the Facebook event page.


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