Inokashira Poi’s 108th meeting & year-end party @ Iseya

Posted: November 23, 2015 by lambentI2e in Events / Gatherings

Date : 5 Dec 2015
Time : 1-6pm
Venue : Inokashira Poi, Musashino, Tokyo, Japan
Cost : FREE

Poi is becoming widespread in 2015, so take a direct leap to 2016 by joining everyone in 2015’s last Inokashira Poi!

Poi glow system, Poi, Staff, Hoop, contact ball, juggling goods, Magic tools, camera and other toys, snacks, water bottle, handkerchief, towel Leisure sheet” is also there and is wonderful

  • Free practice to make poi friends
  • Leisurely spend the holiday in Inokashira Park!
  • Share techniques of poi!
  • Picnic

Please feel free to join us.

For updates, check the Facebook event page (Japanese language)


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