Journey of Man by Cirque du Soleil

Posted: June 18, 2015 by lambentI2e in Information

Any show or performance with the Cirque du Soleil label is guaranteed to be a visual spectacle. But this short-and-sweet tale falls just painfully short of the usual expectations associated with the brand.

Voiced by Ian Mckellan, this three-quarter hour show takes you through the different stages of a man’s life. And of course, no surprises, he rediscovers his youth and joy.

Thankfully, as with all Cirque shows, Journey of Man has colourful visuals and enjoyable performances throughout. When the end arrives, you get the aren’t-there-more pangs. And you wish the creators could have taken a little more time and fleshed out some of the stages (eg why didn’t the yellow and red clowns get their own little show?)

Despite its brevity, Journey of Man should satisfy the Cirque du Soleil fan.

Journey of Man is available on DVD.




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