Fire Festival Korea 2015

Posted: June 12, 2015 by lambentI2e in Events / Gatherings

Date : 7-9 Aug 2015
Venue : Yebit Stage, Some Sevit / Han River Banpo, Seoul, Korea

Join Us to celebrate the 1st Fire Festival Korea at Beautiful Venue, Some Sevit, Hangang. There will be Fire Gala Shows, Flow Arts & Circus workshops with Amazing Artists.
Come to showcase, dance, learn, share and celebrate Fire & Flow Arts

*Fire Gala Show (Fire & Flow Artists)
Fusion Art, Srikanta barefoot (FR) / multi
Linda Farkas (BP) / multi
Aifique (MY) / multi
Psycusix (MY) / multi
ShinMasta (KR) / poi
Manshigan (KR) / multi
Thomas Johansson (SW) / poi
+ and more…!
(poi, staff, hoop, wheel, club, juggling, more,, )
*Guest Artists
coming soon!

*TimeTable / Program (will be updated)
8/7 fri (spin jam, rehearsal) location : yebitsome, somesevit
(daytime, practicing at manshigan studio)
1900 OT & fire safety workshop
2100 Rehearsal
2200 Screening Fire Dancing & Flow Arts Video

8/8 sat (Fire Gala Show) location : yebit some
(daytime, practicing at the venue for gala)
2000 parade, opening ceremony
2030-2200 Fire Gala Show @ Yebit some
2200-photo time (group photo, led photography, fire photography)

8/9 sun (learn, dance, experience) location : coming soon
1600- flow arts workshop
1700- flow arts workshop
1800- flow arts workshop
1900- dinner break
2000- spin jam, led glow night
2100- fire jam@ fire zone /photo time (group photo, led photography, fire photography)

Leave No Trace and Trash

Updates can be found at the Facebook event page.


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