Hanoi Circus Community

Posted: January 11, 2015 by lambentI2e in Information

If you spin (or just want to contribute to regularly seeing awesome fire spinning smile emoticon ), please either DONATE, or if you’re a regular spinner please BUY kerosene sometimes! It would be great if we could all take it in turns buying it. It’s expensive stuff (we usually pay around 200 k for 5 litres!). The little motorbike mechanic shop where we buy it is really close to circus, on Dang Thai Mai street, on the corner of Alley 12. Here is the pinned map:
Learn how to:
-Hula hoop
-Spin poi
-Spin staves
-Rope dart
-Balance on a slack line
-And of course… play with fire!
At circus we believe in some core principles that help make it the unique experience that it is:
1. Radical inclusion
2. Radical expression
3. Power by participation

If you have any questions about these rules, just ask a member! They are fun and easy to follow.

We have limited amounts of supplies, so sharing is necessary! Please be respectful of other peoples equipment, it is not cheap or easy to find in Vietnam smile emoticon

Come have a great time, play/learn some circus, listen to some music and have some drinks! Anyone is welcome, so bring some friends, bring some toys and come play!

For updates, check out the Hanoi Circus Community Facebook group !


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