PARKing Day : Jalan Besar

Posted: September 15, 2014 by lambentI2e in Events / Gatherings, Workshop

What would you do with a single parking space if you had it for a day? How about a place to teach and share circus arts, and an all-day juggle and spin jam?

This is what we will be doing this Friday, together with other groups along Jalan Besar!

Date : Friday 19 Sept 2014
Time : 11am – 8pm
Venue : 44 Horne Road (Nearest MRT Lavender)
Details : Free juggling and spinning lessons all day, and all day JAM SPACE

PARK(ing) Day started as an attempt to reclaim spaces for the public and to improve our communities. The goal is to foster a change in our community and provide an oasis within our daily lives through the construction of pop-up mini parks within the confines of vehicular parking lots.

See you there!

See the PARKing Day Jalan Besar Facebook group for updates!


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