Running away to the studio: What does dance have that circus doesn’t? – Sebastian Kann

Posted: June 19, 2014 by lambentI2e in Information

Photo credit : Jean-Baptiste Gellé

Why is contemporary circus so often less dramaturgically rigorous than dance? Dance sometimes seems like Circus’ sophisticated older sister—more confident, fully-formed, less desperate to please. Maybe by closely observing the differences between the circus world and the dance world, we can bring circus out of its extended adolescence. Is there a problem in circus education? In the practicalities of producing new circus work? Or is the idea of expressive circus itself somehow problematic, given circus’ history as pure, populist entertainment? I asked three circus-artists-turned-dancers what they thought.

“I feel really out of place. I feel like there is something which really interests me from circus and something which really interests me from dance, but it’s not one or the other one, in a way.” I’m speaking with Sergi Pares. Sergi went to DOCH, a circus school in Stockholm, but he now he works with both circus and dance companies. He situates his personal work somewhere on a spectrum between the two. “I have seen hardly any circus shows which have the wholeness of a dance piece. Like for example, with any show from ‘Peeping Tom’ you have this real dramaturgy, as if you are watching a movie.”

Full article available here.

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