The Cirque Life: Dan Miethke – MariyaK

Posted: May 27, 2014 by lambentI2e in Information

Photo by Johanna Rauch

Have you ever dreamed about a big open stage?  There are hundreds of people below you, and the flaming patterns of your prop reflect in their upraised eyes.  Young kids, focused and fascinated, with transcendent smiles watch every flicker. Your face exudes confidence, determination and emotion.

Dan Miethke was one of the very few people to come to us when I first cast my  hooks out for magazine content.  He, a long time Cirque de Soleil performer who continues touring around the world with big productions, graciously put himself out for a largely unknown publication (at the time).   Well, ironically, I decided to put the interview on hold, waiting for YOU to join us.  Now that our reader base is strong, loyal and hungry, I know it’s time.  Dan and I finally created the Q&A that tells the world what it’s like to live and breathe big caliber fire performance in different corners of the globe.  What is there to be wary of?  How can you get there and are you really ready for it?  In this interview, we hope to fill in the blanks that help you complete your dream sequence.

See the full article here!


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