Flow Night KL Live at Merdekarya

Posted: May 6, 2014 by lambentI2e in Events / Gatherings

FIRE jugglers, Poi spinners, contact jugglers, dancers, performers…Join us for the First and very unique show of “Flow artists” Flow night is dedicated to all amateurs and profesionnal performers who are interested to showcase their skills for the sole purpose of answering the most beautiful of questions:

What is flow?

Through this show you will be able to witness mind blowing acts you could never imagine possible with your usual circus props, Fire acts or even unique props you have never seen in your life.

The goal of this show is not only to entertain you but also to give a chance to amateur performers to practice in front of a real audience.
It is our hope that we can mesmerize you and get you hooked on the multiple activities which surrounds flow and even have you join us for future practice session and ultimately have you “feel” flow for yourself.
…If you come simply to watch the show …that is welcomed too 😉

The show is completly free … that’s right there will be no entrance fee!

Date : Fri 16 May 2014
Time : 830pm
Venue :
Merdekarya, Jalan 5 57, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

For further details, see the Facebook event page !


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