Justin Lee, Celebration of Life (i Light Marina Bay 2014)

Posted: March 18, 2014 by lambentI2e in Events / Gatherings, Information

i Light Marina Bay 2014

• What does environmental sustainability mean to you?

It is about doing less harmful things to the environment and creating awareness that is both beneficial to our surroundings and us.

• What comes to mind when you think of the theme “Light+heART”

Using Art and Light to connect people in a meaningful way, and also to enlighten people.

• How long did the design and production of take?

It took us about 21 days to complete our creation- from design to production. It was a great challenge for the team.

• How important is it to celebrate Asian values and culture?

Creating a meaning lifestyle will definitely improve on the Asian values and its culture. That’s why I named my work as “Celebration of Life”

• What were the challenges you faced (for a large scale art piece) ?

The surface on the museum exterior wall space is not flat. The curves towards the top and the bottom area were the most challenging for us. I had to rework it with many attempts, in order to recreate the visual in their best eye level view for the audiences.

Justin’s art reflects a fine sense of contemporary design flavored with an essence of Singapore traditions. He is a recipient of the Georgette-Chen Arts Scholarship and completed his Diploma in Fine Arts at the LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts in 1999. An active artist since 1996, Justin held his first solo exhibition Double Happiness, A Fantasy in Red in 2003, and has participated in several exhibitions and art competitions such as the UOB Art competition as well as the ASEAN Art Awards.

Please see here for information about i Light Marina Bay 2014.


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