Let’s Go & Listen – Emily Saxon

Posted: February 21, 2014 by lambentI2e in hoop, Information

I like to think of my hoops as dance partners in flow.  To be conscious of the way that a hoop wants to flow and move throughout the planes of which it creates is to open yourself up to new boundless possibilities and new ways of moving.  When dancing with a partner, a certain level of attentiveness to how they move and how their body receives a movement is necessary in order to create a balanced flow of movements throughout shared space.  Every different hoop and flow toy you pick up has the ability to teach new and different movements, depending on its shape, size, and weight, as well as your awareness.  I have found that big, heavy hoops want to teach us to move slowly, smoothly, and patiently.  Smaller, faster hoops tend to teach us to move more rapidly through planes, creating angles and textures rigidly throughout space.  No matter what physical attributes your hoop possesses take time to listen to the way it moves. Even if you have a liking to one hoop more than another for any reason, I challenge you to consciously feel how the hoop wants to move you before dominating its movement.

Read the full article here.


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