Dream Awakening School 2014

Posted: January 15, 2014 by lambentI2e in Events / Gatherings, Workshop

In April 2014 we gather in Bali, as destined greeters of our shared awakening dream. The world is waking up, and we are co-inspiring the shiny New-Earth we all get to play in. Welcome to the Divine Playground.

▪ Together we will create a CIRCUS set to thrive on the principles of harmony, joy, co-operation and growth.
▪ Together we will offer workshops that equip us as confident heart beings ready to give our gifts powerfully to the world, as Performers and as Leaders.
▪ Together we will imagine and create a magical children’s show that will fill the hearts of local school kids.
▪ Together we will eat, dance and delight in the warmth of Mumma Bali and her beautiful people.

This is the dream. Who wants a slice?

The Cost
Affordable! This is a community project ~ not a retreat so we aim to keep the vibe high and the costs as low as we can get ‘em. $650 USD (£400 UK)

The Reward
▪ 3 weeks shared accommodation. (20 days)
▪ 3 yummy organic meals a day.
▪ 3dom to play and co-create in heaven.
(Note: In addition we will ask everyone to help out in the kitchen at least once, as a gift to the community heart )
▪ This year the  free-school  is first come, first win –  Final absolute date for deposits is January 30th.
▪ Deposit – $150 USD or £100 UK
▪ The rest can be paid once you arrive in Indonesian Rupiah.

Date : mid April 2014 (20 days)
Venue : Anand Ashram, Ubud, Bali

See the Divine Playground’s website for more details.


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